Kevin Smith, Black Cat, and Epic Mickey

November 10, 2009

Well I’m back and I didn’t mean to take so much time to write a second post. Today I wanted to talk about my first time with Kevin Smith, the possibility of Black Cat being in SPIDER-MAN 4, and a one of my most anticipated games for 2010, Epic Mickey.


On Saturday, I was lucky enough to see Kevin Smith for the first time. Even though I had already seen EVENING WITH KEVIN SMITH and EVENING HARDER, I still wasn’t sure what I was in for. I got everything wanted and more. Kevin discussed all my favorite topics: movies, music, and his wife’s asshole. Aside from all that, the guy is a wonderful storyteller. At times he did ramble on for quite awhile, but he pulled me in for every filthy second. It was also a learning experience. I knew he had dated Joey Lauren Adams, but when the city of Denton, Texas got brought up, Kevin got slightly nostalgic. The two had a day that was so amazing and memorable that he can never go back again. It made me think about places that had meant something to me and moments that made a setting that was so ordinary, something only daydreams are made of. The best bit of information came from his latest movie, A COUPLE OF DICKS (until they change it). Kevin talked about the rumored “tiff” with Bruce Willis. Basically it all just boiled down to the fact that Willis is just Willis. You can’t direct a guy who is basically has just played himself for the past 25 years. Oh, and Ben Affleck is dirtier than Kevin Smith but Jennifer Garner doesn’t know that. I could talk about this for hours, but the only way to experience it is to see him for yourself.

spideyblackcat reported today that they had a reliable source who said that Black Cat would be in SPIDER-MAN 4. The source says that the front runner for the role is none other than Rachel McAdams. They also squeezed in the fact that their is another male villain being casted. About an hour ago, /Film got an email from a reader with this information: 1.) It’s being casted. 2.) They are looking for a female lead. This news doesn’t really do anything except for cause even more speculation. It’s true. I’m sitting here right now pondering other female characters. However, this is not the point. Would it be a good idea to bring in Black Cat? My answer: Why the hell not?! She doesn’t have to be a villain. It could be the same way they used Gwen Stacey. Bring her in, shine a light on her, give her a little story, and fin! I really don’t think that Raimi will do the same thing as he did in 3. It was rather rushed and they tried to give the fanboys what they thought they wanted. It’s just a big ass mess. In my opinion, stick with Conners and bring in a bit of Bruce Campbell as Mysterio (nothing too huge or drastic). Bring Felicia Hardy in but only as a minor character.


Lastly, we have the Disney color-gasm known as, Epic Mickey. When I picked up the new Game Informer, which looks lovely with it’s new cover btw, I had to read about the new Mouse game. There’s something very cool about this game, especially since it brings in Oswald the rabbit. Oswald was created before Mickey but didn’t work out, so Walt Disney drew Mickey, and well, that’s history. The last time Oswald and Mickey shared the same space was on a piece of paper signed by Walt. It had a picture of a pissed of Oswald and a happy, carefree Mickey. The note on the paper says, “To Carl Laemmle- In memory of the day’s when I produced Oswald for Universal. Best wishes always. Sincerely, Walt Disney.” The thing that makes this game interesting is the fact that you choose Mickey’s outcome, which means he can be good or bad. That’s what I liked about Fable. I didn’t like the fact that everytime I got knocked out in a fight it put another blue scar on my face. My character in Fable was so ugly. Anyway, the art that I’ve seen so far is brilliant. The game is created by Warren Spector, who is known for other franchises such as Wing Commander, Deus Ex, and System Shock. Mickey is specifically for Wii, I really think that’s where this game belongs. For those of you wanting to try something Disney but can’t swallow Miley or Jonas, Mickey should be epic enough for you.

Let it be known that I am still figuring out how I’m going to pull of a Black Cat cosplay. Oh and if you see any mistakes in this, please disregard them. I am really fucking tired right now. 😉 Goodnight my friends.


4 Responses to “Kevin Smith, Black Cat, and Epic Mickey”

  1. Danny said

    i am still so very jealous of u for kevin smith, and the black cat thing i say tread carefully (spider-man 3 memories keep coming up here) and the epic mickey while very intriging imma wait for more info on thta game

    • Kevin Smith was awesome. If you ever get the opportunity to go, take it! I wouldn’t worry about Spider-Man 4 turning into 3. Do far all we have are rumors and Raimi won’t go back on his word. At least I don’t think he would. I read the write up about Epic Mickey in Game Informer and it was really neat. You should check it out. I also wanted to talk about Heavy Rain for the PS3, but had already written too much.

      • Danny said

        oh man Heavy Rain ive been waiting for that game since they showed That special Auditioning Tape for it and ive been wanting to get it and it finally comes out next year but either way about Epic Disney i need to get the Wii and then we can talk about that game lol. well Drag me to hell was really good so maybe it wont suck but why does he have to direct Warcraft i want my Evil Dead 4!!!! Now!!!

      • I can’t fathom buying a PS3 right now. I’d like to have one, but can’t get it for just one game and I never have enough time anyway. I really enjoy the Wii. I’ve got Super Mario on order right now and it should be here on the 15th. It’s going to be awesome. As far as Raimi doing the WoW movie, that doesn’t bother me at all. It’s an odd choice of director for that project if you ask me. I’m looking forward to Evil Dead 4 as well. Hopefully it’s as good as the others.

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