Scream & New Buffy Series

November 17, 2009

I should probably be more creative with my titles. I will attempt that at a later date. It’s probably better to be direct. If I do some sort of fancy title writing then someone’s likely say, ‘Um, that’s misleading.’ But if they say that I’m going to tell them to shut it and go away, because I’m mature like that.

For today’s stimulating conversation, I present two of my favorite things in the world of movies and television: Scream and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Note, there will be some spoliers: This is possibly one of the most solid horror series around. Now, when I say solid, I say this knowing that the second and third didn’t score as well as the first. How could it though?! The first came out and just knocked it out of the park. For those who don’t enjoy the sequels, I say nay! What was so bothersome about the second one? Actually I’ll pose a different question, what did you expect? Of course Sidney goes off to college, the Stab movie comes out, and people realize that Randy knew his shit. Roseanne’s sister Jackie turns out to be Billy’s Mom seeking revenge against Sidney and her whore Mother. As for the third, the plot was a little off the handle. Sidney’s Mom used to be an actress, got into some skeezy Hollywood situations, and they make some more Stab movies. Another family member wants to kill Sidney but this time it’s her long lost Brother played by Scott Foley. The third has an interesting cast including Jenny McCarthy, Parker Posey, Partrick Warburton, Emily Mortimer, Lance Henriksen…you get it.

So where will the fourth leave us? We’ve got three main cast members still alive: Gale Weathers, Deputy Dewey, and of course, Sidney Prescott. Kevin Williamson is a great writer, so I’m sure he might cheese it a bit, but not in a shitty way. I stand on my vision: Sidney won’t be married (might have a boyfriend), Gale and Dewey will be married with no kids and out of touch, and there will be a whole new killer. This time it won’t have a stupid ass backstory. The relative angle is played out. A new bunch of kids will come in with their stupid ass new genre of torture films but they won’t know shit. Then again it could go completely different, I’m not writing it. I do trust in Williamson.

Sci-Fi Wire got wind of a casting call for voice actors for a Buffy animated webseries. The main character is the darker, brunette slayer Faith, originally voice by Eliza Dushku. The call is looking to cast certain people who can sound like the original actors. The question is, why not get the original actors? Not to be harsh but Dollhouse was just canceled, it’s not like Dushku couldn’t do this on the side. I’d apply for it but I sound NOTHING like hottie Eliza pants, but it would be pretty cool. It looks like the story will come from season eight, which is actually pretty Faith heavy. I’ve been trying to keep up with the current series in the comic world, but haven’t had the time to get back into it. There’s baddie Twilight, Lady Genevieve Savidge who was a total bitch socialite that tried to one up Buffy, and the return of Robin Wood. This idea really turns me off because they aren’t going with the original actors. A while back Fox was going to do their own animated series. Fox ends up not being into it and Whedon couldn’t find a home for it. This didn’t hurt him too much because it wasn’t everything he wanted it to be. Plus, Sarah Michelle didn’t voice Buffy. If Sarah isn’t involved, screw it. I’d really love to see Buffy return to form with the regular cast, but this is just a dream. The reality of the situation is that this will never happen. If you miss Buffy, read the new comic series.


4 Responses to “Scream & New Buffy Series”

  1. -a said

    I don’t know it’s been awhile since I have seen the Scream trilogy. But the reason the Scream sequels don’t hold up, at least for me is the third just lacked the heart you’d see in a Kevin Williamson movie. The second had to do with the ending. In the first one the endings twist was a reveal that didn’t really change the characters, how you saw/knew them. The boyfriend was still a weird guy who lost his mother and the friend was still just a weird guy. In part two the “friend” became a psycho for hire and the reporter “became” the mom. Sadly it had to be that way, and it’s all do to the internet. From what I remember it was like the third or forth ending they had to come up with because they kept getting leaked out (something they made fun of in Scream 3). I would have liked it better if they had kept the original ending where it was the boyfriend AGAIN and the roommate. A sort of love triangle thing. Still they are great movies.

    And as for the Buffy webseries they will never be able to get the original cast to come back. Most of them still have work, and even the ones who don’t would be way too expensive for a webseries. Maybe even too expensive for the Fox animated series, if it had been picked up. It would be pretty cool if they had though. Yes, I just admitted to liking Buffy.

    • I remember something about the ending having to be kept under wraps but got leaked out. I think I would have been disappointed if it would have been the boyfriend again. What would his motive be this time? Sidney’s still a prude? Did her Mom sleep with his Mom as well? Or is he just trying to do a repeat because “they’d never expect” it? The angle they used worked for me. It’s hard to figure out different reasons for someone to want to kill Sidney. I don’t know that the fourth will be entirely directed at killing her though. But if they do in fact, have her killed, I will be angry.

      The original cast definitely won’t be going back to Buffy. I have this love/hate relationship with actors and their pay. If the project is cool and makes them take a paycut, I don’t see the problem. Then again, they’ve gotta make a living too. Even though it’s a tad different than the living of an average person. That’s why I’ve always liked Nicholas Brendon, he’s down for anything. He knows how much the series means to the fans and what it means to him as well. That’s the biggest thing he’s done to date. But if I don’t stop talking about this I’ll talk about it forever. Oh, and never be ashamed to like Buffy. It’s awesome.

      • -a said

        I think yeah it was about Sidney not necessarily being a prude but having relationship issues. Because of the death and of her mother and the fact that the last guy she loved tried to kill her. Which led to her boyfriend finding comfort in the roommate and them wanting to be together. I don’t know it just seemed funny cause it could have all but avoided if they had told her the truth instead of going on a murderous rampage.

        For the new one I have a feeling they might kill her off early, like Drew Barrymore in the first one. The fact that Neve Campbell didn’t want to do it until very recently and they were some how able to convince her. It just made me feel like they offered her a good amount of cash and a promise to end the character so they can’t bug her anymore. And by killing her off it lends to Dewey and Gale being suspects again. Maybe Gale needs a hot news story to revive her career or Dewey needs a big case to stay the new sheriff of Woodsbroro. Okay maybe that last part is what I’d want to see. Dewey as the Sheriff a must.

  2. Well, I was talking about Sidney’s problems before Billy. She had the intimacy issues because of her Mother being killed, but prude was more or less a joking term because that was the vibe that was put off amongst her peers.

    I’m really up in the air with how I feel about what Williamson might do with Sidney. I don’t know that he’ll immediately kill her off. She’s such a big part of the series, but like you said it really depends on what she’s down for. I’m sure she doesn’t want to do Scream movies forever. Yeah, Dewey as Sheriff is a must. Gale will still be a total bitch.

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