Do you enjoy randomness? What?! Me too!

December 21, 2009

As hard as I try, I cannot finish the blog I had planned about NEW MOON. After reading the entry, “How Twilight Works” via The Oatmeal, it’s hard to get serious about it. Now, by no means do I hate the Twilight franchise, in fact I am a fan of sorts. It’s just that NEW MOON has a lot of bad and not enough good. The problem is definitely not with the direction, it’s Melissa Rosenberg. However, there’s not a lot to pull from. Rosenberg is a good writer, who has done some work for shows like DEXTER and THE O.C. I just think they need to bring in someone fresh, perhaps a little younger, especially for BREAKING DAWN. If they don’t take that script and jazz it up a bit, people will puke from the overdone love mushness within the first 20 minutes. Honestly, I don’t know how Stephenie Meyer was okay with the product she put out for the fourth installment. It’s total shit.

Up next is something a tad funny. As a Direct TV subscriber, I often miss out on punchy, hilarious movie descriptions. The guys over at /Film have already covered this story today, but I knew about it before they decided to get on the bandwagon. Stick that in your proverbial hole, Sciretta. Just kidding. 🙂 Anyhow, one day while getting sucked into the boredom trap that is Reddit, I clicked on a link that opened this picture someone posted of their cable tv description.

Originally I was going to end this with something else random, but the passing of Brittany Murphy deserves definite mention.

In 1995, my life was forever changed by a movie called CLUELESS. Even though it turned the girls at my middle school more evil than usual, it was just another reminder of why I love movies. It also introduced me to Murphy. She was different than the other stick thin actresses in the film. It was more than just that though. Brittany was an adorable and fun actress. After her stint as the made-over Tai, I would welcome any film she was in. One that really stands out for me was GIRL, INTERRUPTED. Sadly, I don’t know if it will be as easy to watch next time around. However, her performance was out of the box and extraordinary. The last movies of hers that I saw were SIN CITY & UPTOWN GIRLS (I really enjoyed it). One thing I was always faithful to was KING OF THE HILL. Oh sweet little Luanne Platter from the trailer park, I will miss her so. Not only will I miss Luanne, but I will miss the actress who looked like one of those Botticelli chicks.

If I don’t get around to a new blog before Christmas, Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you get everything you wish for. Also, don’t forget to start out the New Year right. 🙂 BIG THANKS to Ryan aka Ocelot_Snake from JoBlo! He made my new header and it is truly awesome!


2 Responses to “Do you enjoy randomness? What?! Me too!”

  1. And a merry Christmas to you too!
    I won’t bombard you with asking about Waters of Mars.
    The header is excellent. What Niki blog would be complete without Boobies eh?

  2. I actually watched the Waters of Mars a couple of days ago. It was really awesome and creepy as all hell. I’m still very much in love with David Tennant. What’s even more great is the fact that The End of Time (part 1) episode comes on this Saturday. Ready to see The Master again.

    The header is epic. Ryan did an good job. Boobies are a must. They get mentioned in some way here.

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