As hard as I try, I cannot finish the blog I had planned about NEW MOON. After reading the entry, “How Twilight Works” via The Oatmeal, it’s hard to get serious about it. Now, by no means do I hate the Twilight franchise, in fact I am a fan of sorts. It’s just that NEW MOON has a lot of bad and not enough good. The problem is definitely not with the direction, it’s Melissa Rosenberg. However, there’s not a lot to pull from. Rosenberg is a good writer, who has done some work for shows like DEXTER and THE O.C. I just think they need to bring in someone fresh, perhaps a little younger, especially for BREAKING DAWN. If they don’t take that script and jazz it up a bit, people will puke from the overdone love mushness within the first 20 minutes. Honestly, I don’t know how Stephenie Meyer was okay with the product she put out for the fourth installment. It’s total shit.

Up next is something a tad funny. As a Direct TV subscriber, I often miss out on punchy, hilarious movie descriptions. The guys over at /Film have already covered this story today, but I knew about it before they decided to get on the bandwagon. Stick that in your proverbial hole, Sciretta. Just kidding. 🙂 Anyhow, one day while getting sucked into the boredom trap that is Reddit, I clicked on a link that opened this picture someone posted of their cable tv description.

Originally I was going to end this with something else random, but the passing of Brittany Murphy deserves definite mention.

In 1995, my life was forever changed by a movie called CLUELESS. Even though it turned the girls at my middle school more evil than usual, it was just another reminder of why I love movies. It also introduced me to Murphy. She was different than the other stick thin actresses in the film. It was more than just that though. Brittany was an adorable and fun actress. After her stint as the made-over Tai, I would welcome any film she was in. One that really stands out for me was GIRL, INTERRUPTED. Sadly, I don’t know if it will be as easy to watch next time around. However, her performance was out of the box and extraordinary. The last movies of hers that I saw were SIN CITY & UPTOWN GIRLS (I really enjoyed it). One thing I was always faithful to was KING OF THE HILL. Oh sweet little Luanne Platter from the trailer park, I will miss her so. Not only will I miss Luanne, but I will miss the actress who looked like one of those Botticelli chicks.

If I don’t get around to a new blog before Christmas, Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you get everything you wish for. Also, don’t forget to start out the New Year right. 🙂 BIG THANKS to Ryan aka Ocelot_Snake from JoBlo! He made my new header and it is truly awesome!


Scream & New Buffy Series

November 17, 2009

I should probably be more creative with my titles. I will attempt that at a later date. It’s probably better to be direct. If I do some sort of fancy title writing then someone’s likely say, ‘Um, that’s misleading.’ But if they say that I’m going to tell them to shut it and go away, because I’m mature like that.

For today’s stimulating conversation, I present two of my favorite things in the world of movies and television: Scream and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Note, there will be some spoliers: This is possibly one of the most solid horror series around. Now, when I say solid, I say this knowing that the second and third didn’t score as well as the first. How could it though?! The first came out and just knocked it out of the park. For those who don’t enjoy the sequels, I say nay! What was so bothersome about the second one? Actually I’ll pose a different question, what did you expect? Of course Sidney goes off to college, the Stab movie comes out, and people realize that Randy knew his shit. Roseanne’s sister Jackie turns out to be Billy’s Mom seeking revenge against Sidney and her whore Mother. As for the third, the plot was a little off the handle. Sidney’s Mom used to be an actress, got into some skeezy Hollywood situations, and they make some more Stab movies. Another family member wants to kill Sidney but this time it’s her long lost Brother played by Scott Foley. The third has an interesting cast including Jenny McCarthy, Parker Posey, Partrick Warburton, Emily Mortimer, Lance Henriksen…you get it.

So where will the fourth leave us? We’ve got three main cast members still alive: Gale Weathers, Deputy Dewey, and of course, Sidney Prescott. Kevin Williamson is a great writer, so I’m sure he might cheese it a bit, but not in a shitty way. I stand on my vision: Sidney won’t be married (might have a boyfriend), Gale and Dewey will be married with no kids and out of touch, and there will be a whole new killer. This time it won’t have a stupid ass backstory. The relative angle is played out. A new bunch of kids will come in with their stupid ass new genre of torture films but they won’t know shit. Then again it could go completely different, I’m not writing it. I do trust in Williamson.

Sci-Fi Wire got wind of a casting call for voice actors for a Buffy animated webseries. The main character is the darker, brunette slayer Faith, originally voice by Eliza Dushku. The call is looking to cast certain people who can sound like the original actors. The question is, why not get the original actors? Not to be harsh but Dollhouse was just canceled, it’s not like Dushku couldn’t do this on the side. I’d apply for it but I sound NOTHING like hottie Eliza pants, but it would be pretty cool. It looks like the story will come from season eight, which is actually pretty Faith heavy. I’ve been trying to keep up with the current series in the comic world, but haven’t had the time to get back into it. There’s baddie Twilight, Lady Genevieve Savidge who was a total bitch socialite that tried to one up Buffy, and the return of Robin Wood. This idea really turns me off because they aren’t going with the original actors. A while back Fox was going to do their own animated series. Fox ends up not being into it and Whedon couldn’t find a home for it. This didn’t hurt him too much because it wasn’t everything he wanted it to be. Plus, Sarah Michelle didn’t voice Buffy. If Sarah isn’t involved, screw it. I’d really love to see Buffy return to form with the regular cast, but this is just a dream. The reality of the situation is that this will never happen. If you miss Buffy, read the new comic series.

Well I’m back and I didn’t mean to take so much time to write a second post. Today I wanted to talk about my first time with Kevin Smith, the possibility of Black Cat being in SPIDER-MAN 4, and a one of my most anticipated games for 2010, Epic Mickey.


On Saturday, I was lucky enough to see Kevin Smith for the first time. Even though I had already seen EVENING WITH KEVIN SMITH and EVENING HARDER, I still wasn’t sure what I was in for. I got everything wanted and more. Kevin discussed all my favorite topics: movies, music, and his wife’s asshole. Aside from all that, the guy is a wonderful storyteller. At times he did ramble on for quite awhile, but he pulled me in for every filthy second. It was also a learning experience. I knew he had dated Joey Lauren Adams, but when the city of Denton, Texas got brought up, Kevin got slightly nostalgic. The two had a day that was so amazing and memorable that he can never go back again. It made me think about places that had meant something to me and moments that made a setting that was so ordinary, something only daydreams are made of. The best bit of information came from his latest movie, A COUPLE OF DICKS (until they change it). Kevin talked about the rumored “tiff” with Bruce Willis. Basically it all just boiled down to the fact that Willis is just Willis. You can’t direct a guy who is basically has just played himself for the past 25 years. Oh, and Ben Affleck is dirtier than Kevin Smith but Jennifer Garner doesn’t know that. I could talk about this for hours, but the only way to experience it is to see him for yourself.

spideyblackcat reported today that they had a reliable source who said that Black Cat would be in SPIDER-MAN 4. The source says that the front runner for the role is none other than Rachel McAdams. They also squeezed in the fact that their is another male villain being casted. About an hour ago, /Film got an email from a reader with this information: 1.) It’s being casted. 2.) They are looking for a female lead. This news doesn’t really do anything except for cause even more speculation. It’s true. I’m sitting here right now pondering other female characters. However, this is not the point. Would it be a good idea to bring in Black Cat? My answer: Why the hell not?! She doesn’t have to be a villain. It could be the same way they used Gwen Stacey. Bring her in, shine a light on her, give her a little story, and fin! I really don’t think that Raimi will do the same thing as he did in 3. It was rather rushed and they tried to give the fanboys what they thought they wanted. It’s just a big ass mess. In my opinion, stick with Conners and bring in a bit of Bruce Campbell as Mysterio (nothing too huge or drastic). Bring Felicia Hardy in but only as a minor character.


Lastly, we have the Disney color-gasm known as, Epic Mickey. When I picked up the new Game Informer, which looks lovely with it’s new cover btw, I had to read about the new Mouse game. There’s something very cool about this game, especially since it brings in Oswald the rabbit. Oswald was created before Mickey but didn’t work out, so Walt Disney drew Mickey, and well, that’s history. The last time Oswald and Mickey shared the same space was on a piece of paper signed by Walt. It had a picture of a pissed of Oswald and a happy, carefree Mickey. The note on the paper says, “To Carl Laemmle- In memory of the day’s when I produced Oswald for Universal. Best wishes always. Sincerely, Walt Disney.” The thing that makes this game interesting is the fact that you choose Mickey’s outcome, which means he can be good or bad. That’s what I liked about Fable. I didn’t like the fact that everytime I got knocked out in a fight it put another blue scar on my face. My character in Fable was so ugly. Anyway, the art that I’ve seen so far is brilliant. The game is created by Warren Spector, who is known for other franchises such as Wing Commander, Deus Ex, and System Shock. Mickey is specifically for Wii, I really think that’s where this game belongs. For those of you wanting to try something Disney but can’t swallow Miley or Jonas, Mickey should be epic enough for you.

Let it be known that I am still figuring out how I’m going to pull of a Black Cat cosplay. Oh and if you see any mistakes in this, please disregard them. I am really fucking tired right now. 😉 Goodnight my friends.

The IT Crowd

October 28, 2009


For my first entry, I’m just going to get right into it. Thanks to my nerdy companion, one night he put on THE IT CROWD while we were making dinner one evening. At first I was a little put out, but seeing as though I’m usually negative this was not anything new.

CROWD takes place in the offices of Renyholm Industries in London. It’s this really posh company that keeps their IT department in the dark, murky basement. The first episode is when Jen (Katherine Parkinson) is hired as IT manager even though she knows absolutely nothing about computers. The manager at the time is completely insane and thinks that just because she names certain things having to do with a computer, she’s an expert. When she gets down to the basement she meets the two IT guys: Roy (Chris O’Dowd) and Moss (Richard Ayoade). Roy is your fairly average, laid back nerd. Moss on the other hand is the uber geek who at some points is very intelligent, but at times very oblivious.


The show really hits the nail on the head when it comes to what it’s like to really be in the world of computer techs. I’ve always been pretty nerdy when it comes to computers, but when I actually got a job in the field, it was a completely different story. The jargon and characters put the realism into a world that is otherwise an odd situation comedy. What’s cool about it is that you don’t have to be a techie, geek, or computer nerd to get into the show. It can still get the laughs without the viewer needing to know a lot. Besides the main cast, my favorite characters have to be Renyholm (Chris Morris) and his son Douglass (Matt Berry). There’s another great secret character as well, but I can’t tell you about him if you haven’t seen the series.

If you have seen THE MIGHTY BOOSH on Cartoon Network, you may already be familiar with some of these actors such as Berry and Ayoade. So far there have only been 3 seasons of the show. I’ve read that a 4th is coming next year, as well as a Christmas special at the end of this year. Please check out the show, and if you like it, we can protest for them to continue doing seasons.